We specialize in fixing Tablets, Laptops, Desktop, and Servers Plus we build web sites

Why D & S Computing?

Our Success Depends Upon Your Success!

We are a dynamic team delivering superior Information Technology resource solutions to business,
government and community partners in an environment that encourages creativity and unlimited growth

  • We do Desktop and Laptop repair and installation
  • Networking design and installation
  • Virus protection, Malware removal
  • Web Site Design and Support
  • Values:

    Embracing the highest moral, business, and personal standards of honesty, trust, loyalty, and integrity.

  • Professionalism:

    Representing our company in a manner that establishes strong, positive relationships in business and the community.

  • Loyalty:

    Realizing results through mutual commitment, trust, support, and the willingness to go beyond expectations.

  • Teamwork:

    Striving for collaborative solutions to business issues and opportunities.

  • Quality:

    Exceeding needs and expectations through our qualifying process and a commitment to continuous improvement.


    What we offer

    Laptop and Desktop

    Computer diagnostic and repairs.


    Data Recovery and Backups.

    Business Websites

    Designed, Setup and Managed

    Technical skills

    Wordpress, HTML, php, mysql, mssql and Database Management

    Virus and Malware

    Protection and Removal.


    Designing and Installing


    What we have created



    Yes, we built Busines Sites

    Polaris Models

    Polaris Models

    We built Model and Potfolio Sites



    Yes, We build Home Sales Sites

    What our customers say

    Customer Pricing

    Your Online Portal, For your Online Home and Business Needs!

    Free In-Home Consultation:

    Anti-Virus/Spyware/Firewall Protection - $25 Plus Hardware, Software or Both


    Software Installation - $35

    Software Upgrade - $25


    Computer Cleanup (System Configuration) - $35 an Hour

    Internet Connectivity Configuration - $35 an Hour


    Data Transfer - $35 an Hour

    CD Transfer - $10 per CD

    DVD Transfer - $15 per DVD

    Advanced Services

    Hardware Installation

    Cost of specific hardware billed to customer per customer selection

    Memory - $35 Plus cost of Hardware (Memory)

    Internal Hard Drive or CD or DVD Drive - $35 Plus cost or Hardware

    Sound or Video Card Intall and setup- $35 Plus cost of Hardware

    Network Card or Other Misc. Plug & Play Devices - $35 Plus cost of Hardware

    External Devices - $30 Plus cost of Hardware

    Installation of Internal Fan (Including Heatsink) - $35 Plus cost of Hardware

    Installation of Processor (CPU) - $35 Plus cost of Hardware

    Microsoft 7 or 10 Operating System Installation - $105 Plus cost of Software

    Microsoft 10 Operating System Upgrade - $75 Plus cost of Software

    Advanced Services

    Network Configuration Standard rate of $55 per hour Combo Deals and Discounts Available

    Multiple Software Installations - $35 an Hour

    Multiple Software Upgrades - $25 an Hour

    Repeat Customer 10% off total cost of service

    Referral Discount - 10% per referral

    Custom Built Computers

    All computer charges dependent upon components installed

    Standard $50 per hour labor charge on all custom built computers

    In-Home or Business Training

    Standard in-home rate of $50 per hour Off-Site Repair


    Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

    Elkton, MD


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